Passionate about communication, I graduated a specialized faculty at the West University from Romania and finished also the master degree studies at the same university.

Over time, I have experienced many areas of communication, but I stopped at PR.

Many people probably do not understand the meaning or role of this occupation, for this reason I decided to explain briefly what PR means: a pr has the ability to turn an idea, a product or even a person into a brand. The PR is the one that helps you succeed and guarantees your place in the minds of your audience.

The branding process can not be created or managed by softwares, it is done through people. Brand strategy and its implementation require time and experience, the stages being many and important.

The act of communication is the main element that can help or destroy a business, a person, a product, hence the acute need to have a PR in a company, institution. The emphasis has been put on this segment over the last few years, and if until some time ago the production or sales process was important, notoriety is now the basic word, it goes on the principle: it is talking about me, I exist!